When opting to buy a property RICS level 3 survey can help you save your hard-earned money. The RICS level 3 Building Survey is the most comprehensive type of survey available, and it provides a detailed report on the property’s condition.

The RICS level 3 survey includes an external and internal inspection with a review of the property’s history. The surveyor will also take note of any repairs that have been made to the property. If you want to have a property surveyed, you can get a free quote for an RICS level 3 survey from Smart Home Surveyors

RICS Level 3 – Building Survey: Why is it important?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a professional body that sets standards for the property and construction industry. The RICS Level 3 – Building Survey, also known as a Full Building Survey, is the most comprehensive type of survey offered by the RICS. It is a detailed inspection of a property that covers all accessible areas inside and outside the building. The survey comes with a thorough report that points out any flaws or problems with the property and makes suggestions for maintenance or repair.

Building surveyors carry out Level 3 surveys according to the guidelines set by RICS/RPSA. Confirming that the surveyors you choose are under RICS regulation is essential. It will guarantee that the advice you get is impartial and experienced by professionals, such as Smart Home surveyors.

When should you get a RICS Level 3 Survey?

A Level 3 residential survey is typically performed when a full property inspection is required. This type of survey is often requested by buyers of commercial or residential properties who want to know the condition of the building in detail.

It is also commonly performed before a property is put on the market, as it can help identify any issues that need to be addressed before the property is sold.

Generally, a Level 3 Building Survey is recommended whenever a thorough inspection of a property is desired, before purchasing or selling a property or when significant renovations or repairs are being considered.


RICS Level 3 Survey: What Is Included And What To Expect?

A RICS Level 3 survey, also known as a full Building/Structural survey, is a detailed inspection of a property that covers all accessible areas inside and outside the building.

RICS Level 3 Surveys generally include the surveyor:

  • Inspect the interior and exterior of the property, including the roof, walls, floors, windows, doors, and any outbuildings.
  • Check the condition of the property’s structural elements, such as the foundations, walls, roof, and floors.
  • Look for signs of damage, decay, or other issues that could affect the property’s condition or value.
  • Test any electrical, plumbing, or heating systems that are accessible.
  • Record the condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Take detailed notes and photographs of the property.
  • It also covers environmental and legal issues.

After completing the survey, the surveyor will prepare a detailed report containing the findings and repair or maintenance recommendations. Reports are typically divided into sections covering different aspects of the property. The report also includes an overall assessment of the property’s condition and any specific issues identified during the survey.

How to book A RICS Level 3 Survey?

At Smart Home Surveyors, we help buyers and property investors save money & time by revealing small and large defects that a lay-man person needs help finding.

Our professional skills and experience allow us to identify issues that, if not addressed, can lead to significant financial remediation.

Book your RICS-accredited Smart Home Surveyors‘ Level 3 Building Survey Report today.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the checklists when opting for a RICS Level 3 survey to buy a property?

When opting for a RICS Level 3 Survey to buy a property, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Request a RICS Level 3 Survey as early as possible in the home-buying process. It will allow you to have the survey performed before you make an offer on the property, which can help you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the purchase.
  • Be sure that a RICS-qualified surveyor carries out the survey. RICS-accredited surveyors must adhere to RICS standards and norms and have training and experience completing property surveys.
  • Be prepared to pay for the survey. A RICS Level 3 Survey is a detailed and comprehensive inspection, typically costing more than other property surveys. However, the cost of the survey can be a worthwhile investment, as it can help you identify any potential issues with the property that could affect its value or condition.
  • Study the survey report in detail. You will receive a thorough report from the surveyor, including their findings and suggestions for maintenance or repair. Make sure you properly read the report to understand the situation of the property and determine whether any concerns require attention.
2. How much time does a RICS Level 3 building survey take?

A RICS Level 3 building survey may take up to a day to complete, and it may take up to 5-7 working days to obtain the final report.

3. Which properties require a RICS Level 3 survey?
  • Buildings included on the Statutory List of Special Architectural or Historic Interest (Listed Buildings).
  • Significantly altered or extended since it was built.
  • Non-traditional or other unusual forms of construction.
  • In obviously poor condition.
  • Of complex and/or unusual design.
  • Buildings older than 50 years.
4. What is the difference between the Level 2 and Level 3 surveys?

The main difference between a Level 2 and a Level 3 survey is the level of detail and the inspection scope. A Level 2 survey is designed to provide a basic overview of the property’s condition. A Level 3 survey is more detailed and covers a wider range of elements and systems within the property.

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Do you have any Query? Schedule a free consultation call with our Survey Expert!