Building survey level 3


The cost of Building Survey level 3 will vary depending on several factors. Such as the size of the property, its location, and the complexity of its construction. The surveyor will then compile a report which will give the property a condition rating from 1 (Good) to 3 (Not good, urgent repairs required).

The report also includes a list of recommendations for remedial work, if applicable, that should be performed to improve the property’s condition.

RICS Surveys: Everything You Need To Know

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) accredited surveyors provide complete information on the state, value, and any risks or liabilities of a property. Several types of RICS surveys are conducted by RICS accredited surveyors, including:

  • RICS HomeBuyer Report
  • RICS Condition Report
  • RICS Building Survey
1. RICS HomeBuyer Report

Residential property buyers often choose the RICS HomeBuyer Report. It gives a detailed assessment of the property’s condition and attracts attention to any serious flaws or concerns that might need to be fixed. The report also provides information on the property’s legal title, boundaries, services, and value assessment (optional).

2. RICS Condition Report

A less detailed survey focusing on the property’s overall condition is the RICS Condition Report. It gives a general overview of the property and indicates any major needs requiring more research. This type of survey is suitable for homes in reasonable condition that doesn’t need a full inspection.

3. RICS Building Survey

The most comprehensive RICS survey is the RICS Building survey level 3, also called a Full Structural Survey. It provides an in-depth investigation and assessment of a property’s structure, features, and services. This survey offers detailed information on the property’s condition and any potential defects or concerns that need to be fixed. It is often used for older or more complex buildings.

RICS surveys generally give buyers, sellers, and owners of property valuable information. They help in finding any potential issues with a property and advise on any repairs or further investigation that might be required. RICS surveys are conducted by experienced and skilled RICS accredited surveyors, ensuring the quality and reliability of the results.

Why does Building survey level 3 cost vary?

The cost of a Building Survey Level 3, also known as a full structural survey, can vary for many reasons. The property’s size and location, the building’s difficulty, and the surveyor’s experience and reputation can impact the cost of a building survey level 3 report.

Furthermore, the cost of a Level 3 Building Survey may vary based on the buyer’s particular needs and concerns. Such as possible risks or issues that may need additional research. Generally, depending on these and other factors, the cost of a building survey level 3 may vary.

What are the additional charges of the RICS level 3 survey?

If there are some areas that require further investigation, your surveyor could suggest contacting a professional tradesmen. After all, your surveyor is not an electrician, plumber, or structural engineer. They could advise you to consult an expert in those fields to feel absolutely at peace with your home moving forward. Whether or not you follow this advice is always your choice, and you may feel that you don’t have to. However, if serious problems are found in these areas, the responsibility lies with you, not the surveyor.

Advantages of RICS level 3 survey

Some of the advantages of a RICS Level 3 Survey include:

  • A complete assessment of the property, covering all visible and accessible sections, and a final report on the Building’s and its components’ condition.
  • Finding any major faults or possible risks, such as structural defects, dampness, or electrical issues, can benefit buyers in making smart decisions about the property.
  • Based on the survey’s findings, the buyer can negotiate with the seller for repairs or compensation.
  • Peace of mind comes from knowing the condition of a property before purchasing it.

Overall, a RICS Building survey level 3 can provide valuable information and reassurance to prospective buyers and help them make informed decisions about the purchase of a property.

    Building survey level 3

    It isn’t easy to provide an exact cost for a RICS Level 3 building survey as the price can vary depending on several factors. As a general rule, a RICS Level 3 building survey is typically more expensive than a RICS HomeBuyer Report or a RICS Condition Report, as it involves a more detailed inspection and assessment of the property. To get an accurate quote for your property, choose with confidence, RICS-accredited Smart Home Surveyors surveyor for your needs.

        Frequently Asked Questions


        1. Is it worth getting a level 3 building survey?

        If you are purchasing an older or more complex property, a RICS Level 3 building survey can provide valuable peace of mind and help you decide whether to proceed with the purchase. It can also help you negotiate a fair price for the property and help you plan for any necessary repairs or maintenance. A Level 3 building survey can be worthwhile if you want a thorough and detailed assessment of the property you are considering purchasing.

        2. What’s the difference between RICS level 2 and level 3 survey?

        The main difference between a RICS Level 2 and a RICS Level 3 survey is the level of detail and complexity. RICS Level 3 survey is recommended for older or more complex properties, while a RICS Level 2 survey may be suitable for properties that are in fair condition and do not require a more detailed inspection.

        3. What’s the difference between a RICS and a RPSA survey?

        The only difference is what each regulator offers; otherwise, they are nearly the same. In some ways, RPSA surveys are more detailed. We at Smart Home Surveyors are a proud member of RPSA.

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        Do you have any Query? Schedule a free consultation call with our Survey Expert!