Finding RICS-Accredited surveyors is significant. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a global professional body that sets and maintains standards for the property and construction industry. It is crucial to work with a qualified and experienced surveyor to get professional advice related to the property you are buying.

    RICS-accredited surveyors have met specific education and experience requirements and demonstrated their field competence hence working with them can ensure that you receive high-quality services, But finding a RICS-accredited surveyor can be a tiring task!

    For you, we have identified the process through which you can find a RICS-accredited surveyor in no time.

    Steps to Finding a RICS-Accredited Surveyor

    1. Identify your needs.

    It’s essential to choose what services you require and what specific expertise you need before looking for a surveyor.

    RICS-accredited surveyors can specialize in various areas, including:

    • Building surveying
    • Quantity surveying
    • Project management
    • Valuations

    Make sure to select a surveyor who has experience and expertise in the specific area you need.

      2. Contact your local RICS Surveyor.

      Most large surveying companies provide good service and expert surveyors across the UK. Still, their surveyor might not be familiar with the history of the properties in your area.

      Hiring a local surveyor from Smart Home Surveyors who has good knowledge of your area is always recommended.

      3. Check the surveyor’s credentials.

      Checking a surveyor’s credentials is important to make sure they have the proper qualifications and experience.

      You can do this by checking their RICS accreditation status on the RICS website and looking for additional professional qualifications or memberships.

      You can also ask the surveyor for references or case studies of previous work they have done, and it can help you get a sense of their experience and capabilities.

        4. Get quotes

        To make an informed decision about which surveyor to use, do ask the surveyor about their fees and any additional costs involved in the process.

          Mostly don’t share a quotation with you upfront but you can get a free detailed breakdown of quotation from Smart home surveyors.

          Expert Tip:

          Ask for recommendations!

          Recommendations from colleagues or other professionals in the industry, such as estate agents, are always helpful.

          The Benefits of Working with a RICS-Accredited Surveyor

          1. Working with a RICS-accredited property surveyor is important for several reasons, including peace of mind. It ensures that you work with a professional with the necessary skills and expertise to provide high-quality services.
          2. RICS sets and maintains professional standards for the property and construction industry. You can rely on a RICS-accredited surveyor to maintain these standards and follow best practices.
          3. RICS-accredited surveyors are required to follow a strict code of ethics. It means you can trust that they will act with integrity and honesty.
          4. RICS is a globally recognized professional body. RICS-accredited surveyors can give you confidence that you are working with a recognized and respected professional in the industry.
          5. RICS-accredited surveyors can specialize in various areas, including home surveying, building surveying, and valuations. You can find a surveyor who has expertise in the specific area you need.

          Which Type of RICS Survey Should I Choose?

          The type of RICS survey you should choose will depend on your specific needs and the purpose of the survey. Different types of properties may require different types of surveys. For example:

          A building survey is typically more comprehensive and may be more suitable for older properties, while a homebuyer report is more suitable for newer properties.

          1. RICS LEVEL 2 SURVEY (HomeBuyers Survey)
          2. RICS LEVEL 3 SURVEY (Building Survey)
          3. RICS ‘Red Book’ Valuation (Property Valuation)


          RICS Level 2 surveys, also known as homebuyer reports or condition reports. These surveys are suitable for newer properties that are in relatively good condition. The homebuyer report includes an assessment of the property’s condition, potential issues, and necessary repairs or maintenance.


          RICS Level 3 surveys, also known as building surveys, are more comprehensive than RICS Level 2 surveys. They are suitable for all types of properties, including older properties, properties with known or suspected defects, and properties that are being renovated or extended.

          RICS ‘Red Book’ Valuation

          The RICS ‘Red Book’ is the formal name for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Valuation – Global Standards (The Red Book). The Red Book is a professional practice guide that sets the standards and best practices for valuing real estate and related assets.


          The Role of a RICS-Accredited Surveyor in Property Valuations

          A RICS-accredited surveyor can play an important role in property valuations, which determine a property’s value for various purposes, including buying, selling, or refinancing.

          RICS-accredited surveyors are qualified to value a property using various techniques and methods. They will consider a range of factors, including the property’s location, condition, and size, as well as any improvements or renovations.

          RICS-accredited surveyors must follow strict professional standards and best practices in the valuation process. This ensures that the valuation is accurate and reliable.

          If you are looking for a RICS-accredited surveyor, you can get in touch with accredited professionals at smart home surveyors.

          Frequently Asked Questions


          1. What services do RICS-accredited surveyors provide?

          RICS-accredited surveyors can provide various services related to real estate, construction, and related fields. They provide building surveying, quantity surveying, project management, valuations, and property and asset management.

          RICS provide additional services, such as expert witness testimony, dispute resolution, and environmental assessments.

          2. Is a RICS survey worth it?

          RICS survey can be worth it if you are looking for expert advice, high-quality services, and quality assurance. It also saves you time and money by providing you with a complete assessment of the property’s condition and any potential issues. It can help you avoid costly repairs or maintenance in the future.

          3. What is The Red Book?

          The Red Book is widely used by valuation surveyors worldwide and is considered the industry standard for valuation practice. It is regularly updated to reflect changes in the real estate market and the latest best practices in valuation.

          4. How much does a RICS-accredited survey cost?

          RICS level 2 and RICS level 3 surveys are property surveys conducted by qualified RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) surveyors. The main difference between the two is the level of detail and the scope of the inspection. Since RICS level 3 survey is far more detailed and is often bespoke, the cost is usually higher than a RICS level 2 survey.

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          Do you have any Query? Schedule a free consultation call with our Survey Expert!